I would not have had the guts to start doing photography professionally if it wasn’t for my hairdresser, Jayme’s, encouragement. Not only did she volunteer her own kid as my first paid client, but she offered to advertise my services at her salon station. We had to reschedule twice while both mamma and Kai recovered from strep throat, but we finally managed to meet up at McKinley Park last night.

Luckily, our triple-digit temps cooperated. A nice breeze came through once the sun was setting.

During the shoot, I was convinced that my years of training were failing me, that my camera settings were all wrong, my hands too shaky, and sun setting quickly. Not to mention, have you ever tried to get a 2-year-old little boy to ever sit still? Me neither. I learned from photographing my own 2-year-old granddaughter that you’ll never get them to sit and pose for you. All you can hope for is snapping some great candids while following them around. I know that works with my grandchildren.

I brought both the tricycle and red wagon. He didn’t want anything to do with that wagon once he saw the trike, but he warmed up to it right as we were ready to say enough photos. The rose trellis at the park, as expected, was also a big hit. All kids love to climb.

My confidence was renewed when I uploaded the photos to my computer for processing. I hope you enjoy these.